The Delivery Lads is a one-stop application for both the Users and the Drivers. Through this application, the users can book or hire a driver/ delivery executive to pick up an item from the vendor and deliver it to the location and the Driver will render the service as requested by the User.

The User App

The basic working of the user app to book an order is described below.

► The user can sign in or register and then select their desired pickup location and drop off location of the item that they want to get delivered.

► Next is that the User can select the type of vehicle he wants for his product, the product category, the type of the product. The user can also add a note if he has any special instructions for the delivery executive.

► In the next screen after following the first and second steps, the user will get an estimation of time, price and distance.

► After completing the entire procedure the user will have to book and enter all the necessary details of the receiver and proceed to the payment method and enter the card details.

► After the booking is done the user will be served by the nearby driver and the user can track the bookings in the upcoming booking section.

► The user can also contact the driver if required.

There are also different features of the User application, like the My profile section where the user can view and edit his profile and change the password whenever required,

The user can also view the history of the past orders in the Booking History section, where he can view the details of all the orders that were completed and canceled.

The user app also has other different features like real-time Google maps tracking, Push notifications, Customer support, App sharing, Logout, etc. 

The Driver App

The working of the driver app is described below:

► The driver can log in or register in the driver app by providing the necessary details.

► On the home screen, the driver or the delivery executive will be able to view the details of all the active bookings.

► The user can also view the total earnings made by him.

► In My profile section, the driver will be able to view and edit his profile, view the total number of bookings, change the password, etc.

► In the Past orders section, the driver can view all the details (like the pickup and drop off location, estimated price and time, date and time, etc) of the completed and canceled bookings. 

► The driver or the delivery executive can also change his status from online to offline as per his availability.

The other features of the driver app includes the Terms and conditions of the app, customer support, logout, etc.

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